Back-up Your Files Online

My computer is a lifeline to my family in the Philippines and is my workstation as well. It has been almost nine years since I started working online. I have gone through many computers already and lost a lot of important files over the years to say the least. Unlike my hubby, I don’t have an external hard drive where I could save my computer files. I have been thinking about getting an online back-up[…]

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Hiking in America

For some, hiking is just a fun and exciting activity. For others, it is a means to stay fit. Others, still, see it as a way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoy some quiet reflection, and take in the natural beauty around them. Whatever your reasons for hiking, it is important to have a plan: where to go, what gear to carry, and what to avoid. Hiking Gear Hiking[…]

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Exchange Postcards & Souvenirs All Over the World

Oh how fast the world is changing. Sometimes it makes my head spin trying to keep up with it all. All of the new technology and especially the internet. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. I love it all. I work online and it provides me a living. I can be chatting with my sister and niece in Germany at one minute, my sister and other niece in Colorado the next and then[…]

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The Digital Postcard: Using File Sharing to Share Vacation Movies

What could be more fun than a day of reliving your favorite memories? Reliving them with other people. If you’ve got photos of a special vacation, your wedding, or some family reunion, one way to keep the memory alive is to make a compilation video and then use file sharing software to distribute it to friends and family, or even strangers. Step One: Get All Of Your Video Together Assemble all of your pictures and[…]

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Swamp Life: 5 Most Impressive Swamp Lands in America

Though most of the folklore associated with swamps happens to be scary and gruesome tales of unknown creatures lurking beneath the surface of the dark, murky waters, swamps are actually amazing geographical landscapes that harbor unique, thriving ecosystems that act as home to some of America’s most interesting wildlife and flora. Continue reading on to discover some of America’s most interesting and impressive swamps located in some of the best places to live. The Atchafalaya[…]

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